Glenn Patrik is an artist close to our hearts. His previous two CD's, "Mr. Blues Jr" and "Nuthin' But A Thang" were received with open arms and this was also proven through the exuberant discussions of them on this site.
 After all, Glenn is an excellent guitarist and vocalist and his Kansas City blues, a combination of swing, R&B, funky soul and blues, is extremely contagious. On his own website he describes his music as "old school in a new tradition" and this is true. He still uses the music of the past as a source; you clearly hear the influences of people like Jimmy Reed, BB. King, the Neville Brothers and Johnny Guitar Watson, but he makes it all a little faster and more modern. 

 Glenn sounds relaxed and his group sounds well oiled. His guitar work is flashy, innovative and fascinating. Numbers like "Telephone Line" and "To The Ground" remind us of Robert Cray, while a number like "Shiny Black" contains the cutting guitar play of Albert Collins. Vocally the voice of Dough Sahm comes to mind. This however does not mean that Glenn Patrik copies other artists. Definitely not, but like everyone else he absorbs influences and portrays them in his own way in his music.
 Would you like to hear him at work? Then we have great news for you: like we said in the introduction: Glenn Patrik is an artist close to our hearts.... You can download this new CD as an Mp3 file, on his website and with his approval, completely legally (refer to Free Downloads). And not only these: but the majority of songs on his other two CD's are also included. Like we said, these are also a must. The two large well-known sales platforms mentioned below can only look at this in envy. Such an offer might only be temporary so make sure you act in time.

For once Christmas falls in the middle of the year. What else can we say? Thank you Glenn… thank you. Rootstime! (Belgium) July 2011




I'd had his previous album, Nuthin' But A Thang, and was deeply in lust with it, just as I have been recently lusting over his latest and greatest Original Blues. Joanie Hunt
“It is good music and you are helping us sound good.  I am playing two tracks from your disc - "The Other Side of Town" and "Too Blessed To Be Depressed”.  A big thumbs up!”          

“Glenn Patrik does his thang with a flair and style that's laid back and relaxed, yet in control. Well worth several listens!”

“Glenn Patrik’s latest musical smorgasbord “Nuthin’ But A Thang!” offers up a veritable cornucopia of tasty treats representing each of the four essential ear food groups: blues, jazz, rock, and soul… a very diverse and talented guitarist/singer/songwriter who is joined on this project by a very talented supporting cast… Lot of good stuff on this CD but I especially enjoyed the blues/rockin’ “Too Blessed to be Depressed”, “Don’tcha Know”, which really lets the band shine, and the very fine instrumental track “Last Night.”

"If you want to hear some of the best blues you've ever listened to, then I suggest you check out Glenn Patrik. Not only is he a master blues guitarist, his fantastic vocal abilities will have you yearning for more. He is, without a doubt, one of the best I've heard and well deserves to be in every blues lover's music collection."  

“Patrik’s Blues pedigree becomes evident from the first enjoyable notes of track one, "Don’t Call Me Daddy"…the band swings up-tempo: bass and drums popping and the organ holds the bottom while Patrik expertly plays a few bars of Blue notes on guitar… After 40 years on the Blues journey, Patrik has reached another milestone. His CD came across as joyful and fun loving, and if you are not having any fun on the highway, then you are missing the trip.”

“Patrik carries a genuine Kansas City swing with his message, allowing his band to flow comfortably with its rhythmic wave and to cover the territory with finger-poppin’ charm… sings with authority and fills on guitar while coordinating with bass, keyboards and drums…at his best with soulful ballads such as “Friend of Mine,” where his sincere approach leaves a powerful message…exhibits a clear mastery of the guitar.”

 “A perfect marriage between Kansas City and Chicago blues…on “Kansas City”, Patrik brings his own laid-back shuffle, now adorned with beautiful guitar riffs...we hope that Glenn Patrik will take the the time to fly from Kansas City to Europe!”

“NUTHIN’ BUT A THANG! captures all that is best in American music…true swing and great ensemble playing…a superb album.”

“NUTHIN’ BUT A THANG! is a pleasant surprise…a very entertaining disc by a Bluesman who’s always strived to make the best of all the opportunities to learn and hone his craft. A real treat to listen to.”

"If you are in need of a smokey lounge vibe with stingin' guitar licks; rich, raspy velvet vocals and fresh, yet hauntingly familiar tunes; catch what Glenn Patrik is layin' down on 'Nuthin' But A Thang!. It is just what the doctor ordered!"

“Glenn Patrik leaves you wanting more as you watch him perform. I enjoy watching him play his guitar. It's as if it is an extension of his body.”

 “Oh yes! This will sway your hips, and offers proof that the Blues still swing like hell…‘4PM Blues’, is ample proof of Patrik’s Blues versatility, and his guitar stings and soars with distinct echoes of Albert Collins and Buddy Guy. He’s also got some great lyrical qualities, too - check out the blue-collar complaining of ‘Too Blessed To Be Depressed’ and you’ll be impressed. It’s great to know that there are bands like this around who can still offer us that exciting buzz real urban Blues provides.”

“The vibrancy and vitality of Patrik’s work is captured without any weaknesses by the producers of this album…individuals will have no problem keeping this CD in their players for months to come.”

“Kickin' off with the real thing, Glenn Patrik swims through a breeze of West Coast downbeat swing tunes, starting with “Don't Call Me Daddy”… Blues can get gritty, but Glenn knows how to get it down for real… there’s some fiery and Old School Fender guitar. screwy and scary string-bending aerobics are going on here. It's a guy playing really killer guitar… this is a CD that you will want in your special place on the shelf. Including the great Hammond organ trips thru here, there's a great desire to express Glenn's personal trip in the Blues . I hope that is more to come from this man and his group. Get this CD and enjoy!”

“Old-school electric blues highlights include the closing number – the funky ‘Other Side Of Town’; his own reworking of ‘Kansas City’ the emotive voodoo like “One More Day” and the cool-as-hell funk-ified “Thang Thang.”

 “Look out, fellow Blues DJ's: You got all the Blues, in all the styles, on one single CD! Glenn Patrick's NUTHIN' BUT A THANG! will take you from the roots to the groove to the contemporary in eleven tracks.”

“Like his selection of material, his guitar playing, his band, and his voice…this guy is good, very good.”

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